Mike Burns

Ph.D. 2009

Research Project

Protein Engineering (Neurotrophins)

Previous Education

B.S.E.in Chemical Engineering (2003) University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

B.S.in Microbiology (2003) University of Michigan - Ann Arbor

M.S. in Chemical and Biological Engineering (2003) University of Wisconsin - Madison


Novi, MI


Dunn, J. B., Burns, M. B., Hunter, S. E., Savage, P. E. (2003). "Hydrothermal stability of aromatic carboxylic acids." Journal of Supercritical Fluids, 27, 263-274.

Previous Research Experience

University of Michigan - 2000 Medicinal Chemistry Department Undergraduate Research Advisor: Dr. Leroy Townsend

University of Michigan - 2001 Chemical Engineering Department Undergraduate Research Advisor: Dr. Philip Savage

Previous Industry Experience

Pfizer Summer Intern Drug Safety Analysis - Analytical Formulations Advisor: Dr. Troy Appleton

Eli Lilly Summer Intern Early Phase Pharmaceutical Research and Design Advisor: Dr. Paul Sirois

Why did you choose UW-Madison?

I chose Madison because of the overall feel I had after my visit. The academics, atmosphere, and lifestyle suited well for me.

Things to do in and around Madison

Various sports to play year round. College athletics to watch. Overture Center has quality performances. Research is always a favorite.

The best ways of getting around in Madison

I like to drive, but it is not necessary. The bus system is ubiquitous through the main city and free to students.

Housing Ideas

I purposely live on the bus path, close to campus but not on campus. I live on Sheboygan Ave., about 2 miles from Eng Hall. I like having a nice place to live and a pool.

Advice for the first year of graduate school

The first year is tough, but you learn from it and it will get better.